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One-day tour in China-Myanmar border area

Updated:2017-07-13 16:57:16   english.yunnan.cn

As six Chinese tourists entered Myanmar via the Ruili checkpoint on July 11, Ruili City in west Yunnan resumed the one-day tour package in China-Myanmar border area, after a suspension of more than eight months.

However, tourists should keep two things in mind: First, the destination of the day-long tour is Myanmar’s Muse City. Second, join tour groups organized by travel agencies that will collectively get you a temporary exit issued by Ruili City Public Security Bureau permits. Follow the group closely all the way.

Ok, here we go, taking a first look at some beautiful sites and spots in the border area.

New area of Mangshi City

Mangshi Grand Pagoda

One village in two countries

Wanding Port

A Jingpo garden in Longchuan County

Jingpo people serve edible wild herbs.

Waters and verdant plants in Yingjiang County

(Yunnan Daily reporters contributed the photos above.)

Chinese reporting by Liu Ziyu; Trans-editing by Eric Wang

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