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Hot summer? Kunming is very cool!

Updated:2017-07-14 17:02:03   english.yunnan.cn

Kunming tops the best summer resort cities in China and ranks second on the list of world’s best cities for spending summer vacation, according to the Chinese and Foreign Summer Tourism Destinations List released recently in Hong Kong.

In this year’s list, Yunnan Province became the biggest winner. Among China's top 50 summer resort cities, ten are in Yunnan and they are Kunming, Lijiang, Dali, Diqing, Yuxi, Qujing, Pu'er, Dianzhong, Zhaotong and Chuxiong. Kunming, the provincial capital city even ranks the highest in the list. 

In the global summer resort list, Kunming is second only to Russia’s St. Petersburg, and another Chinese city Guiyang is also among the top ten global cities.

There are many reasons for listing Kunming at the top of Chinese summer resort city list and the second in the global list. Besides the climate advantages of Kunming itself, city construction and environment improvement are also very important. The air quality in the city is relatively better than most of the provincial capitals in China in recent years. It is suitable to visit Kunming throughout the year. 

By Doris;  Editor: Eric Wang

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