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Monkey watching in Tacheng national park attracts droves of tourists

Updated:2017-08-15 10:18:28   

Pictures taken on the morning of August 15 show crows of tourists watch the Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkeys at a wilderness site in Tacheng national park of northwest Yunnan's Weixi County.

With a variety of a lush and verdant plants, the forest park is home to around 500 monkeys, or 20 percent of the known individuals in the world.

The monkeys are fed with nut, cooked eggs, fruits, vegetables and peanuts twice a day by a local ranger surnamed Yu, which brings him an monthly income of 1500 yuan.

Yu is 66 and he has been serving the monkeys for over 20 years. Yu also grows crops, earning his family an extra income of around 10,000 yuan.

The Tacheng park is located at the heart area of the Three-Parallel-Rivers world heritage.

Reporting in Weixi by Eric Wang / Yunnan Gateway

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