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“Sports + tourism” programs become Yunnan’s new outdoor sport brand

Updated:2017-08-15 17:04:07   

Walking in the clouds in Haba Snow Mountain Photo by Xiao Renfei

Nowadays, tourism in Yunnan is not limited to traditional sightseeing and recreational programs. In recent years, “sports plus tourism” programs are making Yunnan more attractive to tourists and sports enthusiasts around the world, especially those who loves outdoor activities.

Recently the province appraised and selected 31 boutique “sports and tourism” programs, including the “Tour de Dianchi Lake “Cycling Race in Kunming and the Wingsuit Flying World Cup in Dashanbao of Zhaotong. Through developing these programs, Yunnan endeavors to build itself into a paradise of outdoor sports in southwest China. 

The newly selected “sports plus tourism” programs are classified into four categories, involving scenic spots, sport event, “sports plus tourism” routes and destinations. The Mali Snow Mountain National Park is listed as a “sports plus tourism” scenic spot, while the Wingsuit Flying World Cup in Zhaotong is selected as a boutique “sports plus tourism” event. 

Wingsuit flying is a kind of extreme sports. It is demanding on field conditions. In Dashanbao, there are best conditions for the sport and the flying route there is five kilometers long, very rare in the world. 

The biggest winner in this appraisal and selection is the Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, a traditional tourist destination in northwest Yunnan where the world-known Shangri-la is its most popular brand. Besides Mali Snow Mountain National Park, the Haba Snow Mountain Climbing and Hiking Route, the Shangri-la Eco Sports Park, and the “Gesar Cup” Ethnic Archery Contest are also selected into the list of 31 boutique “tourism plus tourism” programs.  

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