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Steam pot chicken:Delicious wisdom  

Updated:2017-08-17 16:05:30   

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Speaking of Yunnan cuisine, people would think of the steam pot chicken. It is cooked in a unique way and features tender meat, tasty soup and rich nutrition, so it has won the favor of many food lovers. In cold winter, it would be a real pleasure to enjoy the steam pot chicken together with your family or friends!

In fact, as early as 200 years ago in the Qianlong Reign (1735-1796) of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912), the steam pot chicken was already popular in south Yunnan. Inspired by local hotpots and steamed bread, Yang Li the chef of Defuju Restaurant in Jianshui developed an earthenware steamer with an opening in the middle, which he called “steam pot”. In 1947, the steam pot chicken was spread to Kunming. The first restaurant that specialized in steam pot chicken in Kunming was Peiyang Zhengqi (literally “we cultivate positive energy”). Ever since then, Kunming people can taste the authentic steam pot chicken without going to Jianshui.

In general, a good steam pot should be of Jianshui earthenware that is made from special clay. The peculiarly shaped pot has an oblate belly and a tube in the middle. The steam enters the space inside the pot through the tube from the bottom. When the steam meets the lid, it condenses to water droplets and falls into the chicken soup. The wisdom of ancients is really impressive: the steam through so small a hole can eventually make a pot of soup, and several steam pots can be put one on top of another so that they can be steamed together and the heat is fully utilized. 

To ensure the steam pot chicken is delicious, a free range chicken that has just been killed should be adopted. Yunnan people like to add some medicinal herbs to the steam pot chicken like Panax notoginseng and Gastrodia elata to improve health. As a nourishing tonic for winter, the steam pot chicken is highly recommended.

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