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Best season to visit Yubeng Village is coming

Updated:2017-08-29 17:52:09   english.yunnan.cn

Editor’s notes: One thousand villages have one thousand landscapes. Travelling in Yunnan, villages are destinations you can’t miss. From now on, we will present you Yunnan special villages. Today, we come to Yubeng Village.

Yubeng Village, located behind the Meli Snow Mountains in northwest Yunnan’s Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, is embraced by mountains on all sides. Because of the unique geographical environment, the village is sparsely populated, with only over 20 households. 

Yubeng Village is divided into the upper village and the lower village. The upper village leads to the China-Japan Joint Mountain Climbing Base for climbing the Mount Kawagebo; and the lower village leads to the Sacred Waterfall of Yubeng, with the scenery wonders of Heaven Script in Ancient Seal Characters and Five Trees with One Root on the way. If you like primitive ecological landscape and if you want to get indulged in waters and mountains, come to visit Yubeng! 

From September to the following February, it is the best season for a trip to Yubeng. At this time of a year, Yubeng would appear like a dreamy fairy land in beautiful colors. It is not bothered by rainy weather. There is no muddy road. Stepping into Yubeng is like entering into a world of autumn, beautiful and stunning. 

Editor: Eric Wang

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