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Heshun: Town of nature and culture

Updated:2017-09-03 15:37:10   english.yunnan.cn

It has the earliest libraries established by villages or towns in China

Heshun is located in Tengchong City, western of Yunnan province. In ancient times, Heshun was called Yangwendeng, and later it was named Heshun meaning ‘river-following’ since a winding river flows around the town.

Heshun is encircled by large and small volcanic cones. The well-arranged houses in the town are closely built along the foothills stretching from east to west. A river named Sanhe winds its way around Heshun and two stone arch bridges connect the roads inside and outside the town.

All roads in Heshun and even the field ridges are paved with flagstones which remain clean even on rainy seasons, neither muddy nor slippery. During the World War II, Heshun was protected by the Chinese Expeditionary Forces and kept intact. It is a peaceful and wonderful “Shangri-La” that boasts wetlands, ponds, ravines, egrets, wild ducks, cattle, plum blossoms, camellia and rice flowers. 

For a long time, wealthy people from Heshun have invested and donated generous capital to the construction of their hometown and helped build a unique local culture that integrates natural and cultural landscapes. This integration is represented by the buildings in Heshun, including the Heshun Library and various kinds of civil architectures. 

Heshun Library is located in the center of the town and next to the Double Rainbow Bridge. It is the earliest and largest one among libraries established by villages and townships in China. There are more than 60,000 volumes in the library’s collection, among which there is no lack of great ancient works.  

Editor: Eric Wang

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