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Autumn flower route in Yunnan

Updated:2017-10-08 17:29:43   english.yunnan.cn

When October comes, Yunnan enters the golden autumn.But this doesn't mean that there is no flower blooming in the province. Dubbed as the "Kingdom of Plants and Animals", Yunnan is endowed with diverse climate, making it a place where flowers bloom in the four seasons.

When autumn comes, chrysanthemum, sun flowers, calliopsis burst into bloom and travelers can't afford to miss the seas of flowers hidden in the valleys of Yunnan.

Calliopsis in Naigu Stone Forest

Located eight kilometers away from the Stone Forest, The Naigu Stone Forest covers an area of eight square kilometers. Every September, more than 60,000 square meters of blooming calliopsis turns the Naigu Stone Forest into a sea of flowers which will last to the mid October. In this golden autumn, choose a sunny day and pay a visit to the Stone Forest, you will find yourself in a beautiful fairytale land.

Euphorbia flowers in Shangri-la

When October comes, it becomes cool in Shangri-la. Every morning when the mist slowly clears away in the shines of the rising sun, clusters of flaming flowers are exposed in valleys and meadows surrounded by snow-capped mountains. These are the Euphorbia flowers. 

Chrysanthemum in Songming

When autumn comes, more than 1,000 varieties of chrysanthemum are in full bloom in central Yunnan's Songming County. A local saying goes: If you miss the blooming chrysanthemum, you will miss the most beautiful Songming. 

Sun flowers in Laoyuhe Wetland

Laoyuhe Wetland is located at the southern suburb of Kunming, capital city of Yunnan province. When October comes, 40,000 square meters of sun flowers are in full bloom in the wetland. If you are a flower lover, autumn will be the best season to visit the Laoyuhe Wetland where the varieties of dahlias are also blooming. 

Valley of Famous Flowers in Kunming

The Valley of Famous Flowers is located in Xishan District of Kunming. From spring to winter, various types of flowers bloom in the valley, making it a popular destination for citizens from Kunming. In every autumn, the Gesar flowers and verbenas are 'stars' of the valley.

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