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Heshun Old Town: A quiet home to expats

Updated:2017-10-16 11:14:44   english.yunnan.cn

Lying 4 km off the Tengchong county seat in southwest Yunnan Province, the Heshun Old Town forms a quiet and cultural home to expatriates. Most expats came from the Asean countries, who served as mechanicians during China's anti-Japanese war in the 1940s.

As a key stop for the caravans on the Ancient Tea-House Road or Southern Silk Road, the old town boasts beautiful scenery, including temples, ancestral halls, and other ancient buildings of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Here are some scenic sites there.

Wetland of the Xianhe River 

Double rainbow bridge

Dragon pool

Washing pavilion

Longevity arch 

Heshun culture palace

Former residence of Ai Siqi (1910--1966), a Chinese philosopher

Museum of the Yunnan-Myanmar anti-Japanese war 

Source: WeChat public account; Trans-editing by Eric Wang

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