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Glass plank roads in Yunnan, which is the most challenging?

Updated:2017-10-23 20:00:46   english.yunnan.cn

When it comes to glass plank roads in China, the one in Hunan province's Zhangjiajie scenic spot is often mentioned. In fact, there are many glass plank roads in Yunnan. They are also challenging for tourists.

Glass plank road in Lijiang Sangushui

In the Sangushui scenic spot, Lijiang, the glass plank road is 116 meters long. Though it is only 50 meters high, it is a suspending bridge, presenting more challenges than those built along cliffs because it swings when walking on it.

Glass plank road in Guanyin Canyon, Lijiang

In Lijiang, there is another glass plank road. This is Guanyin Canyon glass plank road. It is built over the Shuanglong Pool and is 230 meters long, 230 meters high and 1.5 meters wide.

Shimenguan glass plank road in Dali

The glass plank road in Shimenguan, Dali is the first high-altitude glass plank road of its kind in Yunnan. It is 1,550 meters long and even 20 meters longer than the Zhangjiajie glass plank road. 200 meters high, the road is just like a transparent snake coiling on the cliff.

Glass plank road in Yeya Lake, Kunming

The glass plank road in Yeya Lake, Kunming is the first of its kind built over an water area. It is 145 meters long and 15 meters high away from the water surface. Walking on the road is not only a challenging experience, but also a chance to have a unique view of the lake.

Photo source:  Wechat Public Account; Editor: Eric Wang

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