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Renovated dyke in Kunming draws tourists on weekends

Updated:2017-10-29 17:21:22   english.yunnan.cn

The Haigeng dyke of the Dianchi Lake in Kunming has been recently renovated, attracting more tourists on the weekend.

The dyke forms a popular site for Kunming citizens and tourists to admire the sunset over the West Hill and the “sea of grass” in the shallow waters. Also, the black-headed gulls from Siberia will soon flock to the dyke for food, as autumn gives way to winter.

Stretching around 2.5 km, the dyke is now double widened and equipped with white rails and decorating lights. With five new entrances added to the existing 26, the dyke now has 31 entrances, including four wheelchair accesses. 

Right across from the Yunnan Conference Center, a sunk and close-to-water platform was set up for tourists to have a better view of the “sea of grass” nearby and the West Hill in distance. The hill looks like a sleeping beauty.

Reporting by Zhang Tong; Trans-editing by Eric Wang

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