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Sports tourism professionals gear up for CITM in Kunming

Updated:2017-10-30 17:32:59   english.yunnan.cn

"We will be on the sports-tourism forum to release the news of our reaching the peak of the Gawagapu snow mountain in NW Yunnan’s Nujiang Prefecture.” "Our vivid VR images taken under the water will impress the audience at the travel mart." These are quotes at a preparatory meeting for the coming 2017 China International Travel Mart (CITM) on October 27.

The CITM, which is to take place in Kunming, Yunnan Province in November, will be highlighted by a pavilion dedicated to sports tourism. Sports and tourism companies home and abroad will be invited to the CITM for the first time, where a forum on sustained development of sports tourism will also happen.

The sports-tourism pavilion of the CITM will be jointly hosted by Yunnan Provincial Tourism Development Commission, Yunnan Province Sports Bureau, Yunnan Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee.

The preparatory meeting took place in Kunming and attracted quite a few professionals with sports tourism companies and organizations.

"We will release our shared tourist products, whiling looking for business partners,” said staff members with Kunming Outdoors Club. The club is developing shared products that can bring tourists new experiences.

Echoing the club staff, a business representative with Yunnan Aini Group said they will design a new coffee that can suit the needs of outdoor sports lovers.

The Kunming-based Merican Daz involves the building and running swimming pools, as well as other recreational business activities. The company is willing to build more swimming pools and other sports facilities for tourist destinations.

A staff member with Qujing Tourism Development Research Institute said Qujing is strong in making recreational facilities and organizing sports events.

While staff members with Yunnan Provincial Tourism Planning Academy believe that sports-tourism, as well as the merging of sports-tourism into other sectors, will enrich the tourists’ traveling experience and form a trend in the future. 

Representatives with Yunnan Haoxin Auto Trade Company, Yunnan Remote Control Model Alliance, Yunnan Wind Line Riding Club, and Kunming Red-Coral Diving Center also shared their due role to play at the coming CITM.

Reporting by Zhu Hai; Trans-editing by Eric Wang

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