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Cangshan Mountain in Dali

Updated:2017-11-01 19:03:58   english.yunnan.cn

Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon is the four famous scenic spots in Dali.

Specifically they are Xiaguan Wind, Shangguan Flower, Cangshan Snow and Erhai Moon. Also named Diancangshan, Cangshan is recognized as the world geography park. It is the main range of the south of Yunling Mountain, with Erhai in its east while Heihui River in the west. Totally there are 19 peaks with altitude higher than 3,500 meters.

The highest one is 4,122 meters, covered with snow all the year round. The most fantastic is that there is one stream between every two peaks, from top to bottom, flowing towards Erhai Lake in the east. The 19 peaks and 18 streams construct the special and diverse landscape of Cangshan. 

Many scenic spots with Bai culture are located at the foot of Cangshan, such as the famous Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple, Fotu Pagoda, Wuwei Temple, Taoxi Zhonghe Temple, Jiulongnv Pool, Three Pools of Qingbi Temple, Gantong Temple. 

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