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Stone City in Lijiang

Updated:2017-11-05 08:48:30   

In Baohua Township, Yulong County of Lijiang City, there is a village named “Stone City” which is built on a large rock along the Jinsha River. Seen from afar, the village is just like a mushroom. In the village, people live in rows of stone houses. And stone walls, stone gates, stone ladders, stone tables, stone benches, stone beds, stone ovens and stone water vats can be seen everywhere around the village.

The Stone City is 120 kilometers away from Gucheng District of Lijiang and is 1,720 meters above the sea level. Right now, there are 108 households living in the village. If you visit the Stone Village, you can check in hostels and stay there for several days. Food is also not a problem, there are Naxi restaurants in the village where you can taste authentic Naxi food.

(Photo source: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_4a37b4f90101k55u.html)