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Yunnan travel in a secret document 

Updated:2017-11-12 13:31:28   Yunnan Gateway

If you think you've been to Yunnan,

And known about Yunnan,

Feeling Yunnan no longer excites you as a first lover does;

That is because you fail to follow the trend. 

Join the adventure 

During the 2017 China International Travel Mart (CITM), adventurous games are specially arranged for you at the sports-tourism pavilion.

Game rules:

1. With this web page, you can get a guide and join the adventure at No. 13 Hall of Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center during November 17-19.

2. Visit each checkpoint and pose for a photo with each marked object.

3. Collect all photos of nine marked objects.

4 .Get surprising prize at the creative culture zone.

  Note: The limit is 500 prizes daily 

Now, let's meet all the nine points together in advance!

1. Mountain climbing

---Yunnan Mountaineering & Outdoor Sports Association

2. Conquer the summit  

---Fengniao Outdoors Club

3. Fulfill your model dream

---Yunnan Remote Control Model Alliance

4. Winter swimming  

---Merican Daz

5. For a better car 

---Haoxin Auto 

6. Gliding & Diving

---Flying Dream Glide; Red-Coral Diving Center 

7. Flying together

---Mile Haoxiang Technology

8. Tired of work? Back to campus 

---Sports Institute of Yunnan Minzu University

9. Special rooms

---Home Inn of Big Hotels 

Here is a detailed pavilion map:

Want to see the show in advance?

Contact us ASAP.

Contact: Li Zilong

Cell: 18314576675

E-mail: 1343082097@qq.com

For more, come to Hall 13!

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