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Squirrel, gingko leave form sights in university

Updated:2017-11-21 11:48:13   english.yunnan.cn

Golden ginkgo leaves slowly falling from the branches, the campus is filled with fresh leave-aroma and romantic colors ... 

From late November on, the enchanting ginkgo leaves in the Donglu campus of Yunnan University would always show its best to the tourists on weekends.

At around 8 am on November 19, visitors begin to show up on the Gingko Avenue and near Huize Building in the campus, and at noon tourists appear in droves from all directions. 

With ginkgo leaves falling in the breeze, little squirrels were running up and down in the trees. And kids, students, and the elderly fed the little creatures with varied foods.

Reporting by Xiong Qiang; trans-editing by Eric Wang 

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