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Old Town of Lijiang ranks fifth among Chinese old towns

Updated:2017-11-22 18:27:03   english.yunnan.cn

On November 17, the third China Old Villages and Towns Conference was held in Beijing. Among the list of “2017 Top Ten Chinese Old Villages and Towns Popular with Internet Users” released during the conference, the Old Town of Lijiang ranks fifth after wining 176,800 online votes.

The Old Town of Lijiang, located in Gucheng District, northwest Yunnan’s Lijiang City, was inscribed on the World Heritage List in December 1997. Lijiang Old Town was first built in the late 13th century. Its buildings blend the cultural elements of Han, Bai, Yi and Tibetan nationalities while reflecting the unique style of the Naxi ethic group, so they are of great significance for the study of China’s architectural and cultural history. It keeps an ancient water supply system of great complexity and ingenuity, which is still in practical use. 

Sitting at the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the Old Town of Lijiang looks just like a scroll of traditional Chinese painting from an aerial view. Nowadays, the Old Town has become one of the most popular tourists’ destinations in China for its rich cultural and historical values. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists travel from a far to come to the Old Town to experience its unique culture. It is one of the most popular calling cards of Yunnan tourism.   

Editor: Eric Wang