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Dangui: Village of Red Tour

Updated:2017-11-26 15:37:14   english.yunnan.cn

Dangui Village is located in the north of Kedu Township, Xundian County, about 85 kilometers from Kunming.

It enjoys a long history and has preserved quite a few traditional folk architectures among which highlights are the Family Yang’s Ancestral Hall, 6 residential compounds, 84 ancient tile-roofed buildings, mosque erected in 1896, and 400-meter slab stone way paved in the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644).

There are a Sculpture Square, a Red Army Memorial, a Long March Museum and several exemplary country courtyards in the village. The Red Army Memorial, which is now a protected relic item of Yunnan Province, is the former residence of the Central Red Army and its 2-6 Legion in the Long March. It has also been designated as a patriotic education base as well as one of Red Tour scenic spots in China. 

In the village, there are Happy Farmhouses where food and accommodation are available.   

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