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Dashanbao: Largest winter habitat for black-necked cranes

Updated:2017-11-29 18:06:34   english.yunnan.cn

Dashanbao National Nature Reserve is located in Zhaoyang District, Zhaotong City of Northeast Yunnan Province. It covers a land of 19,200 hectares with an altitude difference from 2,250 to 3,364 meters. Every winter, many kinds of migrating birds choose Dashanbao as their wintering place because it is located on their migration route. And some of them, including black-necked cranes, spend their whole winter there. 

Black-necked cranes were first noted in Dashanbao by Professor Wang Zijiang of Yunnan University on December 4, 1988. At that time, their number is only 300. Today there are more than 1,300 black-necked cranes wintering in Dashanbao Reserve which has become the largest winter habitat of black-necked cranes and is regarded as one of the “Hometowns of Black-necked Cranes in China”. 

On December 4, 1998 after ten years when black-necked cranes was first discovered in Dashanbao, A Voluntary Protectors’ Association for Black-necked Cranes was established in Zhaotong City. Since then, the association has devoted to the protection which nowadays is not only enjoyed by black-necked cranes but also by other species and even the entire ecological system of the reserve. Every year, the association grows 88 mu of potatoes and never harvest them. When black-necked cranes come, they will dig out potatoes and feed on them without any disturbance. Besides, the association helps to cure wounded cranes.  

Birds are the most vigilant animal to environment. Every winter, many photographers and tourists come to Dashanbao to watch black-necked cranes. To avoid disturbance, a tunnel was built in the Reserve. It is covered by grass and there is a row of window on the upper part of tunnel. Anyone who wants to watch and take photos of black-necked cranes shall stay in the tunnel.  (Photo by Zhou Can) 

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