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Yunnan: Famed destination worldwide

Updated:2017-12-01 18:25:09   english.yunnan.cn

On November 22, 2013, the New York Times published on its front page an article about Dali--Urbanities Flee China's Smog for Blue Skies. It tells a story about a 34-year-old female white color, Lin Liya, who together with her husband gave up their admiring careers in the booming city of Guangzhou, came and dwelled in Dali, a city in Yunnan.

In reality, Dali is a destination for both Chinese and foreign tourists. Many of them had intended to travel around the world. But once they arrived in Dali, they just didn't want to move on and stay there. This is not only because Dali boosts fresh air, blue sky, colorful clouds, beautiful mountains and clear lakes, but because Dali is such an inclusive and leisurely place where people lead an idyllic life.

Dali is just one glimpse into Yunnan, a mysterious and beautiful wonderland like an emerald inlaid in the southwest of China. From sub-tropical jungles to snow-capped mountains, Yunnan features many mountains and rivers. 

Among these mountains, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the nearest to the Tropic of Cancer in the world. There is a saying in Yunnan: You can experience the four seasons only by traveling several kilometers. Cutting down through these mountains, the Nu River, the Mekong River, the Jinsha River, the Yuanjiang River, and the Nanpang River are running vibrantly across almost every parts of Yunnan. The Yunnan plateau is also dotted with over 40 lakes of which 9 cover a water area of over 30 square kilometers, glittering like pearls or emeralds in the beautiful scenery of Yunnan.

Yunnan enjoys a warm winter and cool summer, making it blessed with the greatest biodiversity. The parallel mountains of Hengduanshan, created by the rise of the Himalayas, stage one of the China's greatest natural spectacles. The forests here are among the most diverse botanical areas in the world. Over 18,000 plant species grow here, of which 3,000 are found nowhere else. As a whole, Yunnan contains about half of China's birds and mammals. Hence the name of a natural zoological and botanical garden. 

Yunnan is also noted for a very high level of ethnic diversity. Among the country's 56 recognized ethnic groups, 26 are found in Yunnan. Over 33% of the province's population is members of the 25 minorities. Each of them has their own customs and legends, presenting the world a colorful Yunnan. 

Singing and dancing is an integrated part of the lives of these 25 ethnic minorities. It is said that they begin to sing as soon as they learn to speak, and dance as soon as they learn to walk. And each of them has its unique dances and songs. These distinctive cultural landscapes make Yunnan a treasure house of China’s cultural resources.

This is Yunnan where you can have a look at natural beauties so rarely found in other parts of the world and also have a unique cultural experience, so exotic and mysterious.  

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Editor: Eric Wang