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Chinese tourists in Myanmar (4): Relax at Ngwesaung beach

Updated:2017-12-03 14:41:38   Yunnan Gateway

Bidding farewell to the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon on November 27, we went on our journey of exploring Myanmar, with the next site being the Ngwesaung beach.

Located in the Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar, the Ngwesaung beach is a transit area between the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. It looks like an unspoilt pearl of the sea.

The road was a little bit bumpy, but the sceneries all the way were absolutely amazing. Be it the pastoral golden fields, the oxcarts running side by side with cars, or the Myanmar youngsters dancing in tune with the parade-car music, unique scenes came into our sight one by one. After a six-hour bus ride, we reached the site, sort of tired.

It was at dusk, and the sea was brightly red in the sunset glow. We become excited. At the shade of coconut trees, the lucid waters and the silver sand, our tiredness was swept away by such immense beauty of mother nature. 

We indulged ourselves in the “arms” of the sea. A tourist from the Yunnan plateau, I felt as if I had lost my sense of time at the sounding of the ocean waves, being sent into a world of the utopians by the tide…

 Indeed, the Ngwesaung beach is a destination where people can relax and indulge themselves during their vacations. Beside treading the fine and silver sand with your naked toes, you can also ride a horse or motorbike along the beach, or even dive and explore deep into the sea.

Different tourism and cultural resources result in varied travelling experiences. Just as the beach is attractive to Yunnan travelers, it follows that the towering mountains in the Chinese province can attract Myanmar explorers.

In the distance, the sun was slowly “devoured” by waves. And it will rise again, illuminating this charming land next morning. Till then, our Myanmar tour continues.

Reporting by Shu Wen, Cao Yunbo and Lei Tongsu; trans-editing by Eric Wang

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Editor: Eric Wang