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Longjiang Bridge: Asia’s longest and highest of its kind

Updated:2017-12-22 18:20:30   english.yunnan.cn

The Longjiang Bridge, connecting the cities of Baoshan and Tengchong in west Yunnan, is the tallest and highest of its kind in Asia. 

A suspension bridge over the Longjiang River, it is 2,471 meters long, 33.5 meters wide and 280 meters high above the river. The central span of the bridge, which is the distance between the two main towers, measures 1,196 meters and is only slightly shorter than that of the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Since the construction of the Longjiang Bridge is very complicated, it took five years to complete the whole project. And on April 20, 2016, the bridge was open to traffic and it shortens travel time from Kunming, capital of Yunnan province to Tenghong, to 7.5 hours. 

Photo by Li Wenshen

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