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Lushui in NW Yunnan to be promoted

Updated:2017-12-22 19:15:30   english.yunnan.cn

The Lushui Tourism Promotion, also the second Yunnan Tourism Seasons Forum, will be held from Dec. 27, 2017 to Jan. 1, 2018 in Lushui City, northwest Yunnan's Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture.

With the theme of alleviating poverty by developing sports tourism, the Lushui promotion is expected to draw in over 100 representatives from relevant departments, enterprises, associations and colleges. 

They will be sharing poverty reduction experiences, analyzing poverty alleviation plans and providing new ways to develop the tourism industry of Lushui.

In December 14, the 2017 International Wildwater Canoeing Open Nujiang (Salween) River China was held in Liuku Town, Lushui City. 

Earlier, the Nujiang Grand Canyon drifting was listed as a Chinese national fine project for sports tourism development. The canyon will become a new brand for sports tourism in China.

People of all circles believe the promotion will help develop new tour packages, form new modes of tourism business and reduce poverty there.

Reporting by Zhu Hai; translating by John Li

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Editor: Eric Wang