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Sightseeing and cultural tour in Lugu Lake

Updated:2017-12-23 15:21:36   english.yunnan.cn

n the junction area between Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces, the Lugu Lake is just like emerald inlayed on the plateau. Surrounded by mountains, the lake offers a type primitive beauty which is rarely seen in other scenic spot. 

Dwelling around the fresh water lake, the Mosuo people still live in a matriarchal society. 

Regarded as the “Kingdom of Women” by the outside world,the Mosuo people’s ancient and mysterious culture attracts lots of tourists. In addition, Yi, Pumi, Mongolian people and other ethnic groups are also dwellers around the lake. 

Therefore, when visiting the Lugu Lake, one can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of this pure land, but also experience the colorful ethnic cultures. (Photo from Tops of Yunnan Wechat public account)

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Editor: Eric Wang