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Napa Lake in winter: Paradise for bird watchers

Updated:2017-12-23 15:28:14   english.yunnan.cn

Staying every day in the hustles and bustles of a city, have you ever dreamed of visiting a quiet place where you wake up in the sounds of birds every morning. 

Located in northwest Yunnnan’s Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the Napa Lake is a place where you can stay in solstice, especially in winter when migrating birds like black-necked cranes are wintering there.

From every October to next March, wild ducks, bar-headed geese, black-necked cranes fly to Napa Lake and spend their winter there, turning the lake into a poetic paradise for bird watchers. In the water and grassland, flocks of birds sport and forage. Together with the herds of yaks and sheep, they are making up a large scroll of watercolor painting, with the backdrop of the water, mountain and grassland.

It is said that about 60 species of 30,000 migrating birds winter in Napa Lake every year.(Photo from Voice of Yunnan Wechat public account) 

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Editor: Eric Wang