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Motorcycle trekking to be held in honor of the Hump

Updated:2017-12-25 17:07:39   english.yunnan.cn

The sports event of “salute to the Hump air route -- joint motorcycle trekking through Mt. Gaoligong” will be held during the coming New Year vacation, as a peripheral activity of the Lushui promotion.

The Lushui Tourism Promotion, also the second Yunnan Tourism Seasons Forum, will be held from Dec. 27, 2017 to Jan. 1, 2018 in Lushui City, northwest Yunnan's Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture.

With the theme of poverty reduction by developing sports tourism, the promotion is jointly held by the CPC Lushui municipal committee, the Lushui municipal government, and China Tourism Academy(Kunming)/Yunnan Provincial Tourism Planning Academy. 

The joint motorcycle trekking is started by Yunnan Wind Line Riding Club.

"This trekking will enable the motor riders, as well as drivers of off-road vehicles, to experience the magical beauty of Mt. Gaoligong, and we will also visit the Hump route memorial in Pianma to recall the story of the Heroes in the 1940s.” The club head Gu Yang said.

Gu added his team will take pictures and videos of the amazing scenery of the Hump air route (Gaoligong section) and share them with tourists nationwide via an online map APP called Kanluzhe.

Backgrounder: In May 1942, the Japanese army invaded Yunnan from Myanmar, occupying the west bank of the Nujiang River. They cut off the Burma Road, the final overland lifeline in China’s defensive efforts, rendering China completely isolated from its international allies. At that critical moment, China and the US blazed an air route The Hump from Assam in India to Kunming in China, ensuring China of continuous access to international supplies. With a total length of 800 kilometers, the Hump stretched over ‘no-fly zones’ including the towering Himalayas and the Gaoligong and Hengduan mountain ranges. Flying conditions were extremely perilous. During its three-years of operation from 1942 to 1945, more than 600 aircrafts crashed and 1,500 pilots were killed or went missing.

Reporting by Liu Rong; translating by Eric Wang  

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Editor: Eric Wang