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Yuxi Mongolian deputy calls for ethnic culture conservation

Updated:2017-01-18 17:29:28   yunnangateway.com

Editor’s note:

Yunnan’s annual two sessions, Yunnan Provincial People’s Congress(YPPC) and Yunnan Provincial People’s Political Consultative Conference are held from Jan 14 to 21, 2017. Yunnan. cn has interviewed quite a few deputies and members. Here is one of them.

Wang Wuying: A Mongolian YPPC deputy.

I come from Yunnan’s only Mongolian settlement, which is located at the foot of the Xiushan mountain and beside the lake of Qilu in Tonghai County, Yuxi City.

It is the fifth time for me to attend Yunnan provincial people’s congress and political consultative conference.

My motion is on cadres training for ethnic minorities, and protection of ethnic languages and cultures.

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