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Yunnan flower behind every token of love

Updated:2017-03-01 09:10:48   CCTV.com

If your loved one is romantic enough to give you a Valentine's bouquet in China, it likely came from a small district in Chenggong in Southwest China's Yunnan Province. The district provides 80% of all flowers sold in China. Let's find out about the extensive network of flower farmers, traders and retailers that transport your Valentine's Day tokens of love from field, to hand.

The roses are blooming, just in time for Valentine’s Day. And Liu Sifen is sending them out for a journey of love.

Farmers like Ms. Liu grow their flowers under these plastic polytunnels, so that they can grow them all year round. But this is really their big season. Price is up several times, not to mention sales volume. Ms. Liu here alone is expected to cut some 2000 flowers this morning. It’s hard work, but also good reward.”

As dusk falls, the flower scene heats up. The Dounan Market may well be the center of China’s flower-sphere.

Hundreds of thousands of buyers and sellers are here every night during this time of the year. Flower farmers showing off their product, buyers inspecting them, bargaining price and getting into occasional disputes. 12 million flowers change hands here on any given night during this season. The atmosphere is just lively, with the smell of flowers just wafting through the air.

Maomao is buying 2,000 flowers tonight. He’s shipping them to Taiyuan, 2,000 kilometers away. Flowers here travel to every city in China and beyond. Romantics splashing out a premium for their sweethearts.

Cai Wenchao has been dating his for a year.

Reporter - “So anything you want to say to your girlfriend?”

"I want to thank you for putting up with me for a year. I hope we can be together forever," Caisaid.

Love is in the air. Happy Valentine’s Day indeed.

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