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A glimpse of China’s first coffee plantation in Zhukula Village in west Yunnan

Updated:2017-06-21 15:53:56   english.yunnan.cn

Yunnan has a long history when it comes to coffee production.

Coffee was first introduced to Zhukula Village of Binchuan County in west Yunnan’s Dali by a French missionary in 1892, and the Zhukula coffee plantation in Yunnan is known as the oldest of its kind in China. 

Occupying an area of around 0.86 hectare, the Zhukula plantation houses coffee 1,134 coffee trees, of which 24 have grown to be over 100 years old. All the others are aged above 60.

On June 16, a coffee forum was held in the Zhukula village, drawing in 60 plus coffee specialists from China, America, France, India and more. 

Source: Yunnan.cn; Trans-editing by Eric Wang

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