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World’s largest cultivating base for carnation seedlings

Updated:2017-07-12 11:09:06   english.yunnan.cn

In the greeneries off the expressway of Xiaoshao Township, Yunnan’s capital city of Kunming, lies the carnation seedling base of the Yunnan Yingmao Flower Group. 

There, workers are packaging flower seedlings that will be frozen and sent to localities across China and even worldwide.

"Our production capacity in cultivating carnation seedlings is second to none in the world.” Xiao Wangbao, general manager of the flower company, said with pride.

Xiao said his company annually exports more than 10 million carnation seedlings to Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Israel and others. In Japan, 30% of the seedlings are provided by the company.

Moreover, Yunnan’s comprehensive flower base is in Kunming’s Dounan, from where flowers varieties go to more than 40 countries and regions.

Dounan is Asia's largest fresh cut flower market.

Chinese reporting by Zhang Ruogu; Trans-editing by Eric Wang 

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