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(Li’s Kitchen) Small-pot rice noodles

Updated:2017-07-19 17:22:14   english.yunnan.cn

The small-pot rice noodles literally means rice noodles cooked in small pots. It is a delicacy and also a main course in Yunnan, especially in Kunming, the province’s capital city.

Small-pot rice noodles / Online photo

The key of the small-pot rice noodle lies in the broth. Usually pork bones are used in making broth. It takes time and patience to make the best broth since slow fire is required in the cooking if a cook wants to simmer the essence of the bones out.

When cooking the small-pot rice noodle, a cook usually cook the broth again in a small pot until it boils. Then soft and white rice noodles are put into pot. Other ingredients including minced meat, leak, green onion, cilantro and bean sprout will add to the flavor of the small-pot rice noodle. Seasonings like salt, soy sauce, vinegar, five-spice powder are also necessary.

For those foodies who like to eat hot, some spicy chili oil will meet your demand. The spicy chili oil is made of dried chili pepper powder. The secret of making the chili oil lies in getting the temperature of the heated oil just right. Heat the oil in a skillet until it is starting to smoke. Pour it into a porcelain bowl of chili pepper and then the spicy chili oil is ready to use.

Served in various containers, small-pot rice noodle is not only good-looking, but also tasty. Especially when winter comes, a bowl of simmering small-pot rice noodle will make your heart warm from the very first bite.  

Editor: Eric Wang

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