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Wild edible fungi: A bite of Yunnan

Updated:2017-07-24 15:28:07   english.yunnan.cn

Yunnan has long been known as the Kingdom of Wild Edible Mushrooms.

As raining season comes, wild edible mushrooms are available on market, and they have become best-selling seasonal ecological food in Yunnan. With unique flavor, they are delicious and nutritious, and local people call them “delicacies from the mountains”.

In markets around Yunnan, a wide variety of wild mushrooms have become "favorites" of local consumers, including boletus, tricholoma matsutake, collybia albuminosa, thelephora ganbajun zang, russula virescens. These kinds of wild fungi with natural fragrance lure the taste buds of Yunnan people.

In addition to all kinds of fresh cooking, wild mushrooms can also be preserved. Experts said that wild mushrooms have the effect of anti-cancer, enhancing body resistance and others. 

Video: Shu Wen; English text: Doris; Editor: Eric 

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