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Come on! Let’s take you home to Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys

Updated:2017-08-01 18:58:50   english.yunnan.cn

On August 1, the Yunnan Daily reporters,who are trekking through the Tianchi nature-reserve, explored the Longma area, a Yunnan snub-nosed monkey habitat in west Yunnan’s Yunlong County.

With an elevation of over 3,000 meters, the monkey habitat is surrounded by high mountains and covered with lush, intact and primitive vegetations. 

“At a cool breeze, we heard the trees rustling,"said a reporter. Then, they got a closer look at the habitat of green meadow and numerous of wild flowers blossoms in differed colors: red, purple, white, yellow ... 

Chinese reporting by Tan Jingchun, Chen Fei and Cheng Sanjuan 

Editor: Eric Wang

Keywords:   Yunnan snub-nosed monkey