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Hit the road with shared bikes

Updated:2017-08-03 17:50:26   english.yunnan.cn

There was a time when China was known as the Kingdom of Bicycles. However, when people’s income increases and living conditions are improved, many of them can afford to travel by cars, buses and other vehicles, and riding bikes become less and less.

Now, bikes are back, in a way of sharing. Numerous bike-sharing programs are booming in China. Many other countries also join this trend.

In China, riding the public shared bikes can cost as few as half a yuan (7.5 US cents) per hour. Many Chinese residents and foreign tourists find the service is fantastically convenient and affordable, and it offers a healthy and environmentally-friendly way of life.

Kunming, capital city of southwest China’s Yunnan Province is among the cities with the largest number of bike-sharing service users. Now, there are two types of shared bikes in the city, one provided by local authorities, the other by bike-sharing start-ups such as Mobike and ofo.

Let’s check it out how to use the bikes

First step:
Download mobile app (Mobike, ofo, whatever) from the App Store

Second step:
Register with your cell phone number and ID number (a Chinese national ID or a passport). Pay the deposit through either Wechat or Alipay and add money to your account.

Third step:

Open the app. And each time before taking a ride, give the app access to your location and it will show you the locations of nearby available bikes. Once you spot a bike, scan the QR code on it. The app will unlock the bike automatically or give you a verification code to unlock. 

Forth step:
Time to hit the road!

A soft reminder:
When you’re done riding, please park the bike in a proper place. Lock the bike and check the app.

The app will automatically charge you the amount of your ride from your balance. 

By Han Chengyuan, Liu Ziyu & Shu Wen; Editor: Eric Wang

Keywords:   road shared bikes