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(Li’s Kitchen) Episode 8: Potted mutton

Updated:2017-11-12 16:12:30   Yunnan Gateway

A taste of Kunming old town:

This dish has always been a favorite of Li, carrying the memory of his university days gone by and encouraging him to pursue his ideal right now.

As winter comes, Li offers you a warm potted mutton to ward off the cold and bleakness in the season.

Get a front leg of Yunnan local black goat, remove the bones, cut the flesh with skin into dices, and water the blood taints. After clear-water washing, cut the white sweet potato into small dices; have cross-shaped cuts on mushrooms, peel and cut carrots into small segments.

Put some Amomum tsao-ko the grass, Sichuan pepper, cumin, star anise, fructus amomi, orange peel and myrcia into the heated wok, stir the ingredients with mutton fat until the oil is extracted. Mix the mutton dices into the oil and ingredients, and continue to stir till they turn yellow.

Pour some cooking wine, soy sauce, ginger and satay paste to color the mutton brown; add mushrooms, carrots sweet potatoes and pour into some broth. Then all are changed to a pot and start to simmer the dish.

Two hours later, you can open the pot cover and enjoy the fleshy, fragrant and pleasant mutton dish, usually with a bowl of rice and some cut segments of garlic shoots.


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