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(Li’s Kitchen) Episode 9: Crab wonton

Updated:2017-12-03 14:46:21   Yunnan Gateway

"Nine females coupled with ten males" is saying that guides folks in buying crabs. At the Yangcheng Lake in east China, however, crabs usually grow mature later. Li, a foodie who believes in “on-time dining”, is highly aware of the season.
While men of letters and passion, who indulged themselves in the Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou theatres and brothels in times gone by, could sense the scent of a pretty woman, foodie Li has his own tips and tricks to identify good crabs: Pinch the leg to see if it is fleshy; Choose the one with golden claws, swarthy and shiny shell, and whitish belly. And the key is to uncover the crab's navel to see if it filled with cream. If so, tell the cream odor with your nose. Some has fragrant scent of cereal, others bear pleasant smell of the gland.

In short, avoid the stinky and muddy crabs.

In preparing the wonton filling, Li showed the techniques of how to dig the meat out of crab shell. Facing a full bowl of the mixture of crab meat pork paste, Li could not help admiring the wisdom of his predecessors -- all greedy foodies.

The lean-fleshy pork and fresh crab meat are seemly irrelevant, but the two ingredients were glued into fine a mixture, with the onion and ginger liquid added gradually. Since he was cooking for himself, Li made each wonton with great care, placing the filling as much as possible into a thin and square dough wrapper. The wonton-making also reminded Li of the gone-by moving scenes where the parents filled his packs with foods every time he left home at dawn. In a way, Li understood and inherited the family affection by making the crab wonton. 

Then, it occurred to Li even that the simpler things are mostly the ones that could endure a longer period of time. “In the era where fast-growing urbanization and ever-changing technological innovation are clashing and crashing with the tradition, something essential will inevitably fade away from our minds…” Obviously, Li also thought of something bigger in the wonton making.

Li was sleepless that night.

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