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86-MW Nam Phay hydro-project put into operation

Updated:2018-01-28 17:21:11   english.yunnan.cn

The US$218 million and 86-megawatt Nam Phay hydropower project in the Lao province of Xaysomboun was officially put into production, during an inaugural ceremony on January 22.

“This project is an achievement of the two countries as well as Norinco International and Electricite du Lao (EDL). We will maintain good relations, increase cooperation and contribute to the economic development of Laos,” said Wang Yitong, chairman of Board of Norinco International Corp of China, the project sponsor. 

The project contractor is PowerChina Resources Ltd, a branch of Power Construction Corporation of China.  

The success of the project would significantly contribute to the continued growth and development of the electricity industry, said Dr Khammany Inthirath, Lao Minister of Energy and Mines.

He added this project will supply electricity for the Xaysomboun and Xieng Khuang provinces and the Longchaeng district, while generating revenues, creating jobs and enhancing the livelihood of people living near the project.

Since the project kicked off in December 2013, the Chinese companies have meticulously organized the construction and overcame mud flows and poor geology in tunnels and near slopes.

A 72-hours trial operation of power sets was finished in May 2017, and the whole project was checked and accepted on June 20, 2017.

Norinco International Cooperation entered Laos in the early 21st century and participated in projects in the form of engineering, procurement and construction.

Source: Vientiane Times; PowerChina Resources Ltd 

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