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Intangible cultural heritages bring visiting foreigners closer to Yunnan

Updated:2018-09-06 18:44:11   

Recently, a group of 44 foreigners from the US, Malaysia, Indonesia and so on came into closer contact with Yunnan intangible cultural heritages.

They gathered at a demonstration base of Yunnan intangible cultural heritages and spent the whole day learning and experiencing cultural protection projects such as tie-dyeing, bamboo weaving, handmade paper and pottery making.

Yunnan is a province blessed with diverse ethnic cultures. Up to now, Yunnan has 105 state-level intangible cultural heritage programs and 450 provincial-level ones. Following the explanation of the staff members in the base, all of the group members discovered the process of handmade papers, geometric principles in tie-dyeing and craftsmanship of potteries.

Yunnan is also known as the “hometown of tea in China”. And during the visit to the base, the expats enjoyed different kinds of tea planted in various areas of Yunnan. Some of them said that they felt great as they can discover the beauty of traditional art forms of Yunnan and they had understand more about Yunnan in a special and intimate way.

Editor: John Li

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