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Yunnan welcomes tourists during National Day holiday

Updated:2018-10-05 15:07:09   

SW China’s Yunnan Province has received more than 7.36 million tourists in the first

two days of the country’s week-long National Day holiday.

Various events are being held across Yunnan to attract tourists. In the well-known

tourist destinations of Dali, Lijiang and Xishuangbanna, local ethnic cultural 

elements are utilized in the interactions with tourists. In southwest Yunnan’s Pu’er 

City, a number of ethnic festivals have been prepared on the occasion of the first

Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival.

Smart tourism has brought more convenience to tourists. Hunan tourist Pei Junhan used

the “Travel in Yunnan” app when he visited Kunming Horticultural Expo Garden.

“Yunnan is known for its abundant plant resources, so I’m interested in the plant

recognition function of the app,” said Pei, explaining that the function, which

enables users to learn about the plants by simply taking photos of them, is both

useful and full of fun.

Chen Dongsheng from Guangxi started a self-driving tour to west Yunnan’s Tengchong on

Oct. 2 with his families. Their plan is to visit Tengchong Volcano Park and the Hot

Sea. According to Chen, as China develops, its people’s living has been improved, and

traveling has become an important way for people to enjoy life.

(Text by Liu Ziyu,Photos by Zhou Can and Wu Zaizhong)