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Customs clearance in Yunnan speeds up

Updated:2018-10-10 15:50:37   Yunnan Gateway

Customs clearance in Yunnan has accelerated, with 99.6% of the clearance procedures going through paperless practices, said Kunming Customs on October 9. 

The Hekou check-point near China-Vietnam border in south Yunnan

In the first eight months this year, the customs clearance time for imports by enterprises averaged at 50.95 hours, a year-on-year decrease of 39.58%; the mean time to clear exports was 1.4 hours, a 37.89%-cut year on year.

Kunming Customs has streamlined the clearance steps, while joining hands with banks and insurance companies to facilitate the use of e-bills in paying taxes and create new guarantee systems. Measures to improve guarantee have been implemented in the flower industry in Yunnan.

Yunnan also reformed the cross-border markets. At present, residents near the border can complete clearance procedures by having their faces and fingerprints recognized on a machine at the customs. Since 2016, Yunnan customs has handled 13.89 million tons of goods for cross-border dealers, with a total value of 44.9 billion yuan.

Reporting by Liu Ziyu្្្្្្្្្្្; trans-editing by Wang Shixue

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