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Starbucks to promote Yunnan coffee brands to the world

Updated:2018-11-09 09:47:03   Yunnan Gateway

“I wish Starbucks can have more opportunities to promote high-end Yunnan coffee beans to the world,” said Cui Fuqiu, vice president of Greater China region of Starbucks.

Cui made the remarks while communicating with members of Yunnan Trading Delegation on China International Import Expo, which is being held from November 5 to 10 in Shanghai.

Currently, Starbucks runs 28 coffee shops in SW China’s Yunnan Province. It has also established the Starbucks Yunnan Farmer Support Center in 2012 to help local coffee farmers with sustainable practices, while providing high quality Yunnan Arabica beans for well-known international coffee brands.

Cui said that as the biggest coffee planting area in China, Yunnan is a place with great business opportunities. Starbucks is willing to cooperate with Yunnan by taking advantage of marketing experiences and channels of the group to promote high-end coffee.

He also noticed that Yunnan is blessed with long history of tea culture. He said Starbucks also has tea beverages and there are potential opportunities for both sides to cooperate in tea. (By Zhang Ruogu and Han Chengyuan) 

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