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Enjoy grass shoot feast in Jianshui

Updated:2018-01-08 17:57:19   english.yunnan.cn

In south Yunnan’s Jianshui County, there is an oddity: grass shoots are regarded tusks. But don’t get it wrong. As a kind of local famous and popular vegetable, the grass shoots are as white as tusks, but not as expensive.

When eating rice noodles, local Jianshui people always put some grass shoots in their noodle soup, adding fresh and sweet flavor. But the popularity of grass shoots goes beyond this. They can be eaten when roasted, boiled, stirred or just dressed with sauce. This means there can be a feast when a chief has grass shoots. Prickled vegetable stirred with grass shoots, grass shoots dressed with sauce, stirred grass shoots, grass shoots stirred with pork are representative dishes of the feast. Any ingredients, when cooked with grass shoots, would become a fragrant and sweet dish. From May to August every year is the season to harvest the best-quality grass shoots.

So if you are lucky, you can enjoy the feast when traveling in Jianshui, a famous historical city in south Yunnan. (Photos from Daguan Weekly Wechat public account) 

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