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Pingtan Impression debuts in south Yunnan, showing ocean culture

Updated:2018-01-09 11:45:01   english.yunnan.cn

Pingtan Impression, a performance art show by famed Yunnan artist Yang Liping, debuted in south Yunnan’s Mengzi City on the New Year’s Day, winning a three-minute applause from local audience.

Adjacent to Taiwan, Pingtan lies off the east coast of Fujian province, and it is made up of 126 islands. Pingtan Impression presents a scene of harmonious coexistence between man and the sea, while showing openness and inclusiveness, typical features of the ocean culture.

Other well-known shows by Yang Liping include Dynamic Yunnan and Dynamic Huangnan. Born in 1958 in west Yunnan’s Dali, Yang Liping is also a director and choreographer.

Source: Yunnan Daily, baike.baidu.com

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