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Yunnan style of eating rice

Updated:2018-01-13 13:23:36   云桥网

Yunnan boasts good ecological environment for planting rice. For thousands of years, local people have developed various ways in eating rice. And they have created mouthwatering delicacies by using rice. Therefore, if you want to find and taste the most delicious rice delicacies in China, Yunnan is a province worth your visit.

When eating rice, Yunnan people usually steam, stir fry, boil and even burn it. In south Yunnan’s Xishuangbanna and west Yunnan’s Delong, rice is often cooked in pineapples or bamboos. These kind of cooking presents a mix of flavor from both rice and the containers. Steamed colorful rice is also popular with tourists. When rice dyed with different natural and edible colors is cooked and arranged in different patterns, it seems like a piece of art work.

Rice is also made into noodles and cakes. When it is ground into powder, it can be used as ingredients in various dishes including pork steamed with rice powder.


In addition, Yunnan people use rice to brew wines. Traveling in Yunnan, you can drink mellow rice wines in areas mostly inhabited by ethnic minority groups.

(Photos from Wechat public account: Tops of Yunnan) 

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