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Nostalgic, timeworn pieces on display in Kunming

Updated:2018-01-23 09:08:06   english.yunnan.cn

With Chinese movies of Youth and Forever Young making a hit, the air of nostalgia has recently formed a trend.

On January 22 morning, a nostalgic item-show was held at the Tongde plaza in Kunming, Yunnan Province, showcasing over 100 timeworn pieces.

Used to be daily necessities for Kunming citizens in 1960s-70s, the old things reminded locals, especially the seniors, of the days gone by.

Here are some of the displayed: 

A wired, old telephone

A boy plays an old phone.

A Panda TV

She does needlework amid the old pieces.  

An old bed with traditional embroidered pillowcases on it


Old recorder and toy cars


Reporting by Guanxi Ruyi; trans-editing by Wang Shixue

Keywords:   timeworn pieces Kunming