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Besides drinking it, how Yunnan people consume milk

Updated:2018-01-25 18:39:01   english.yunnan.cn

In Yunnan, in addition to drinking, people make milk into milk cake, milk fan as well as milk residue.

1. Milk cake

The milk cake is a kind of traditional food made by the Bai people in west Yunnan’s Dali.

It is made of fresh goat's milk and looks like Tofu. Milk cake is very tight. Eating them with sugar, salt and pepper will give you a feeling of refreshing.

2. Milk fan

In the 18 Yunnan oddities, one of them is about milk fan.

As a representative snack of Dali, it is milky white, shaped like a folding fan. Hence its name.

It is a good dish to go along with wine, and it could even be fried with ham. 

3. Milk residue

Milk residue is a Tibetan traditional food in northwest Yunnan’s Diqing where local people like to extract butter from yak milk, and add yogurt into the milk.

After filtration and fermentation, the milk tastes sweet and becomes milk residue. Tibetan residents like to put the milk residue into buttered tea to increase the flavor of the tea, or eat along with sugar as a snack.

Editor: Wang Shixue

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