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An old bus and a cozy photo studio

Updated:2018-01-28 15:44:18   english.yunnan.cn

A Kunming photographer turns a shabby bus into her photo studio. Let’s have a look.

Bella, a photographer from Yunnan province’s capital city of Kunming, who once worked in advertising industry, builds a special studio from an old bus for her customers. Interested in old things since her early age, Bella occasionally found a shabby bus eight years ago. And she persuaded the owner to sell her the old bus. After decoration, the bus was changed dramatically into a cozy studio. 

Bella designed it all by herself and most of the stuffs came from flea market. Inside the bus studio, there is a meeting room with delicate sofa, working table and bookshelf. And the most attractive is absolutely Bella’s artworks which are posted every corner. 

According to Bella, it is not just a photo studio, but a home for photography enthusiasts. 

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