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[24 solar term] Start of spring

Updated:2018-02-04 14:01:44   english.yunnan.cn

“Lichun” literally means the beginning of spring in Chinese and is the 1st solar term in a year. The Spring Festival(Chinese New Year) is celebrated around this time.

As the old Chinese saying goes, a year’s plan starts with spring. After “Lichun”, everything wakes up in nature and people greet a season of rebirth and renewal. As the temperature gradually rises up, the spring ploughing begins in most parts of China.

“Lichun” is not only an important solar term, but also an important festival. Farmers often celebrate “Lichun” by holding special events to pray for a good harvest in the new year. In many places, when “Lichun” comes, people also have the custom of eating spring cakes and spring rolls to show their best wishes for the new year. 

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