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Firewood-smoked pork: Special home-cooked delicacy of Yi people

Updated:2018-02-07 18:38:51   english.yunnan.cn

Fried, steamed or stewed, the firewood-smoked pork is a fine home-made delicacy of Yi people.

Firewood-smoked pork is a special home-cooked delicacy of Yi people. The pork is from pigs which are free ranged instead of those fed by fodder. 

Therefore, the meat tasted differently. The cooking of firewood-smoked pork takes a while and more interestingly, it goes well with every kind of vegetable and doesn’t get stuck between teeth.

Firewood-smoked pork is regarded as a “peacemaker” since it can reduce the spicy taste when fried with chilies; if it is cooked along with bitter gourd, the bitterness will fade. In general, it is a fine food when fried, steamed or stewed.   

Editor: Wang Shixue

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