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Old Kunming in the lens of Liao Kefu

Updated:2018-02-08 18:20:32   english.yunnan.cn

What does Kunming City look like in the past? Liao Kefu, a senior photographer recorded the changes in Kunming during 1950s to 1980s with his cameras. Recently, his photos are exhibited in the city, bringing the viewers to the old days of Kunming.

Last year, the Kunming photographer Liao Kefu passed away at the age of 84. To memorize him, about 80 photos he took are being exhibited in the city recently, 

Since he was a young boy, Liao Kefu had been obsessed with traditional cultures and customs of Kunming. He liked visiting amusing places where original styles remained and were strictly protected. And he also liked recording Kunming with his cameras. His photos about the famous tourist attractions in the city including the Western Hills and Yuantong Hill, show the simple way of life in last century when there was no smart phones and people had to communicate face to face with each other. 

Dreaming of being an objective photographer, Liao Kefu eventually turned him into a time recorder, shooting the changes of Kunming.

Editor: Wang Shixue

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